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On the Orange Mountain

by Gregory and the Hawk

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patrickhydar thumbnail
patrickhydar it's just good innit Favorite track: Pass the Bottle.
tunatea thumbnail
tunatea i found G&TH's very recently compared to most of the people commenting this album (stumbled upon moenie and kitchie in november 2021) but my god, have i caught up on all her music. her other records resonate with me as an adult a lot (and i mean i listen to them almost daily) but on the orange mountin brings me back to my teenage years as a scout, wild and free and careless, sharing our heartbreaks around the bonfire. i'm so glad this exists. truly. thank you, m. Favorite track: Pass the Bottle.
Kluo thumbnail
Kluo I originally found G&TH on my YouTube recommendations a couple years ago and now she is the one artist that I always come back to and listen to. I don't know why I always come back to G&TH, but whenever I do, it's calming, a little melancholic but a joy to come back to.
vivaria thumbnail
vivaria It's strange to think I've been listening to GATH's music for over 12 years now... Boats and Birds was an "Our Song" in a 2008 relationship, and over the years I've explored M's discography bit by bit. Her knack for songwriting never fades. You should go check out Texas Collectious on her Patreon! Trace Chain and How to Thank a Friend are some of the best she's ever written.

Faves from OTOM include Pretty Somehow, Stuck Like Glue, Get U, Much Too Much, Do Me In... goodness, too many!
As romantic as fear can get
As romantic as fear can get thumbnail
As romantic as fear can get It's one of the most delicious creations I've ever heard. I like the feeling I get when I hear Get U while I have a walk and get myself lost for a while.
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WILD AND TRUE like big dreams in big ponds, like the moon behind fog i have searched for this song but not found it like much of our love, like gardens untouched we have grown quite thick and grounded all i see in you is what you can be, wild and true to me why don't i undo that latch which leads me to you? you keep the motor running we cross mountains in your truck you tell me you've found yourself i tell you i'm stuck in the brambly past, clearing my own path trying to find my way out of the forest
PASS THE BOTTLE Oh when that feeling's like a road and you don't know where it's gonna go! I will make myself complete with the first wine i've had in a week! We pass the bottle like a couple of friends, get lost in pretending to understand where the heart and the hands meet is it between where I'm trying and where you're trying to be mine tonight? or for a little while? Oh and tears run down my neck as I fill you with doubt over years I have wrecked! See, you've made yourself believe in a glorious thing that's got nothing to do with me! Be mine tonight when we pass the bottle...
PRETTY SOMEHOW He was down like petals on the ground, pretty somehow In another life, in another world record changes sides, sand becomes a pearl In another time, in a different dream you are on my mind, not in memory Fold your hands neatly beneath your knees, someone save me In another life, in another world record changes sides, sand becomes a pearl I would love your smile up until you say Does this feel good, does this feel okay... Only when i forget yesterday... Nighttime knows the many fools she makes, pretty somehow In another life, in another world record changes sides, sand becomes a pearl You are gaining sight, pupils small as pins nothing left to hide your shadows in the wind He was down like petals on the ground, pretty somehow
STUCK LIKE GLUE Maybe I'm hung up on you, but that don't mean I'm stuck like glue to memories of the past Loyal to you even though we agree to go it alone and now we don't even ask I'm tired of calling your name It's not my fault you stay the same Maybe i'm hung up on you but that don't mean I'm gonna do the kind thing all of the time Many nights I've laid awake hoping you would bend but never break all i've gotta say
ON THE HILLSIDE I've been strong, stronger than I ever was All along, disappearing for love On the hillside, lie down and get a tan February, coming for my soul again You were quiet, quieter than you'd ever been All along, orchestrating poison On the hillside, lie down and whisper it Sun in Pisces, tell me you're falling I've been hurt, hurting for that heart of his All along, desperate like a kid On the hillside, I kiss my own arm You'll be all right, don't do any harm
Do Me In 03:16
DO ME IN The river is one thing, I'll dive right in I don't care about the cold on my skin Walking is nothing, I'll walk til I'm dead Just chasing all the thoughts in my head... ...that do me in i thought i was awake but now i'm dead again if only i could see you one more time again tell you about the love i am prepared to give ...that leave me weary besides all of the things you haven't said to me in spite of all the breath that we have yet to breathe Why do I even try? You weave me in I thought I was awake and now I'm dead again if only i could see you one more time again tell you about the love i am prepared to give Why do I even try?
Get U 04:08 video
GET U I get you and so I don't hesitate to let you go my mind it wanders freely and falls upon you dearly my legs they walk and take me to the end of knowing you I get you so I let you go The way you want me scared me a bit, but the words that haunt me are "I don't know it yet" Cause if you don't know it yet then you'd better forget it Catch a wink, walk a mile, and take me home If I'm gonna stay down but I don't even know it Just cut me up and turn my guts into bone
Little Wings 02:50
LITTLE WINGS You've got me hanging by a string, clutching Cupid's broken arrow I never wanted anything just kinda fell under your spell Now I wake up with little wings in synch to my heartbeat bat my lashes, pinch my cheeks He said we could be bound for big things I am searching for someone to believe Maybe we're soulmates and this is when we meet Oh I can't help if I'm so bad You've got me hanging by a string
MUCH TOO MUCH Do you got an address? Maybe I can write you instead Cause the sound of your voice is much too much for my head There are many things that I would like to explain But without the help of the distance and paper I just can't say That's where I stand, while far on the map A line in your hands, I like it like that I go so crazy just thinking about steps to take when I'm down So you wanna know why I'm lazy? Just thinking about steps to take when I'm down Do you wanna confess Baby, you made such a mess And the sound of your voice is much too much for my head There are many things I wish I could take away But without the help of the distance and paper they're gonna stay Rattling around inside my brain Watch what you want and figure out Tears run down beside my mouth
To Be Loved 03:21
TO BE LOVED I didn't choose what to say or do just laid in the dark torn apart by you nothing works, the more i move the more it hurts, but i draw the line somewhere I didn't move i just waved for you a flag sayin "finished, please help me through" so nothing hurts, the more i do the more it works cause i can't seem to get anywhere to be loved anymore to be needed and adored Now swimming's like floating and I'm not scared if my feet don't reach bottom, I'll still have air to breath what's that worth, we all move and we still hurt! that's fair, but we all need somewhere to be loved and adored to be needed and of course my darling, it's yours


On the Orange Mountain is Gregory and the Hawk’s full length video album, which was recorded live outside in the Pacific North West from 2016-2017 for release to Patreon subscribers. Here are the field recordings of those sessions. Tracks 1 and 3 are home recordings made during the same period, used in this case to replace overly noise-y field recordings for ease of listening. Cover photo by Timothy Karpinski. Full album download comes with a printable blank guitar tab sheet and 11th bonus track.


released May 31, 2017


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Gregory and the Hawk Woods, New York

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