In Your Dreams

by Gregory and the Hawk

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Jc... I love the acoustic sound of this album, it is so clean, minimal, pure. The lyrics tell you interesting stories, you can feel innumerable emotions through the whole album. Needless to say, her voice is amazing, a real talented singer. Favorite track: Season Poem.
Thom DeSirant
Thom DeSirant thumbnail
Thom DeSirant What can I say about GATH? I found out about her in highschool and have loved each song since then. Beautiful voice, beautiful instruments, beautiful lyrics. Season Poem is my favorite track off of this album, but Oats We Sow is a close second. I recommend just buying everything she puts out. Favorite track: Season Poem.
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Full digital album also available through iTunes and similar sites. Independent release, out of print.


released June 14, 2007


all rights reserved



Gregory and the Hawk Austin, Texas

Guitarist & Songwriter. 'Texan Collection,' video album released from Austin, TX in Summer 2018. 'On The Orange Mountain,' video album released from the Pacific North West in 2017.

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Track Name: Kill The Turkey
kill the turkey shoot him down
pluck his feathers make him ground, make burgers
kill the cow slit his throat
let him bleed make steaks make burgers good to eat

kill the beast who took our dirt - oh black gold

if you want it bad enough,
if you want it bad enough,
keep your eyes on the prize

kiss the clever one who said
you made your bed, now lie in it die it
kiss the shit that hit the fan
when you went and killed another man
Track Name: Neither Freer
baby come save me
i'm goin crazy without you
steal me away
these nights just ain't the same

you can watch me wisely
but i'll turn on a dime
you can try and surprise me
but i've made up my mind, and you've known the whole time,
i want you beside me

or we can weight our lines here
let it drown us, drag us down,
tangled in fear
that it won't come around, that we've lost what we'd found,
neither of us freer
Track Name: Memory and Honesty
i had a dream
it was lasting
it lasted the whole next day
i dreamt you had left me
and when i woke the mirror said to me
maybe it's true, it could be true

you were caring
you had honest eyes
you were perfect, the perfect surprise
til your hands crept up my chest
and gave a stronghold on my neck
you said baby it's true
i'm leaving you
Track Name: Sets
today is a slow day
and i'll play guitar til the day goes away
tryin to write a song that says i love you
tryin to let you know i do

the dawn is bowing out
and the afternoon dawns on me now
tryin to write a song that says i'm tired
of tryin to get you

the night is a dark night when it finally sets
and i'll make it out to seem like i wanted it
a little bit
the better to see you with
Track Name: Stone Wall, Stone Fence
big open land
you hold the weight of the air in your hand
big open air
you feel the tickle of the trees on your chest

why'd you go and waste it? the things that you know
are making you a

stone wall, stone fence
your stories so old you just tend to keep them
long, winding road
you got a secret but you won't share it
Track Name: Bad Habit
think my bones are breaking
under black eyes and bookcases
up to the sky

the promises i made myself
that i wouldn't land it
cause it's a bad habit

they don't help

the nights are crazy
and when i try to sleep
all i see is grinding teeth

and soft skin
you're biting in
to my mess

i bask in the pain that comes to pass

the heart wants us to fall in love
everyone i know wants to fall in love
but love once got me in the gut
there was no real fight, it tore me up
Track Name: Sweet Winter Hello
to the hills we go
bring all of your fog and smoke
bring all of the friends you know
to the hills we go

to the fall we blow
goodbye kisses, bid winter hello
feel the pine needles give way below
winter, sweet winter, hello

steal my sun
i'll be your only one

in the times we know
life takes money and money makes woes
like your lover leads your heart, lets it grow,

keep an eye on the silent sky
see the splendor in a short ride
be the slow falling snow
in the times we know
Track Name: Blame-Qui
if i'm bound to forget you, don't you let me be
from the day that i met you, i've been set on you
what a tragedy it'd be if you and me weren't happy

if you've been tellin all the tall tales, end to end
since the day that we met and became good friends
then i've been lying, too.
is it really you?

say, hey, what's the big deal? oh, where'd all the fun go?
since we got serious i've been such a mess
blame the stars or a bleeding heart,
what a tragedy, you and me.
Track Name: Season Poem
one by one, the days fall beside us
like yellow leaves
we have no conscience. oh, what we're becoming…

month by month, the rings on our tree trunks
like old wise eyes
grow wider and winter lends them a dead disguise

now time like an ocean knows tide like a notion
to toss about the house and lose inside the couch
and piles of our thoughts run miles in the dark
just tryin to get home

age by age, we rhyme with our seasons'
rehearsed routines
still turning and returning

now i'm wide as the ocean, now i bleed roses
and you are just a mark on the map of my past
i am a road, i wind along alone
all day until the coast