Come, Now

by Gregory and the Hawk

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released June 5, 2012

written and recorded by meredith at home in upstate new york from february 2011 through may 2012. except sleeping states recorded and mixed by jeremy backofen at the scooberdome. adam pierce plays drums on sleeping states. mastered by dan romer at drawing number one in brooklyn

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Gregory and the Hawk Austin, Texas

Guitarist & Songwriter. 'Texan Collection,' video album released from Austin, TX in Summer 2018. 'On The Orange Mountain,' video album released from the Pacific North West in 2017.

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Track Name: Blind and Unwise
you say ‘so, convince me to stay’
i luckily am trained and say ‘stay’
you say ‘baby, don’t toe the line.
don’t you think that love should
be blind and unwise?’
you’ve been going, going gone
if only in my mind
and it’s taken so long but i feel light
you say ‘baby, don’t take your time
don’t you think that love should be
pure and kind?’
just do what you want to do
go where we’re going to
just do what you want to do
and hope that love will follow you
Track Name: Sleeping States
i listen to you talk about your
whistling band, ride your bikes to
bad racket, climb the ladder and
up on the roof we’re passing pipes
like we’re good old friends
but i know what i want
and i can’t help feeling it
slate blue eyes
noone ever tries to win me over
so thanks, even though it’s just
a little taste
slate blue skies
noone ever tries to stay up
later than they want to
even though it’s heaven
slipping into sleeping states
i listen as you try to take my
breath away
but it’s not what you do
it’s what you don’t say
if i never look over
you could never not stay
and when the sun comes up
we’ll have someone to blame
fight it now if you have to
i understand your mistakes
pretty soon it’ll all blow over and
i’ll go back to where i came from
Track Name: Cause It's Cold
you’re only here cause it’s cold
i bet my life on it
the friends i called didn’t know
where you are or who you’re with
could i be the one,
the one for you,
or is this where it’s done
that’s something new
if either one could admit
to what we did
we’d have it over with
but you’re only here
cause you’re insane
doing the same, same
blaming again and i walk into it
like it’s ever changed
wag my finger,
tell you why you’re wrong
then i keep on coming back and
i got no more songs
to write about it
Track Name: First Flying V
be careful, it’s tricky
pop the top and suck it down
i’ve waited so long to tell you
i’m sorry that now i’m holding out
for luck
that i will meet you on the street
although you live so far from me
this summer i wondered
if you had company in your car
teach the streets in warm weeks
to somebody wondering who you are,
cause you can smile like a silly kid
or make the fun out of any whim
change my life, add it up
if pines whip and i sit,
will it be enough?
what would change if you fell in love?
all that i’m dreaming of...
Track Name: Kiss On The Cliff
a kiss on the cliff is worth
ten on the lips and more
you seem like a shadow
but heal me enough to know that
the silly games he’s been playing
are saving lives and taking names
we are the lucky ones
you are so lucky, son
noone else is as lucky as...
so if you’re watching me,
keep watching
sit and tingle like you can’t stop
if you’re missing
then all you’re missing is you
Track Name: Come, Now
everything’s going according to planned
when the light breaks in
and it’s blue again i can’t see him
wait for this morning
for wasting lives, i’ve been named
if it’s right, don’t waste
if it’s driving haste, you can’t feel him
now i’m calling out
it’d be wise to catch yourself
oh, so i’m bad but i retreat and whine
you see it, you’re mourning my life
you are stumbling now but i’m blind,
so blind when i’m caught anymore...
why am i waiting - so i could lie?
when i’m bored in the middle of the day
and i fall into dreaming
the paint’s snow white and before it
dries, you can’t feel him
oh, i’m lonely
but something keeps me going
in the sun i’m blind and at night i don’t
mind the faraway
stay if i’m down like i believe you to be
stay if i’m down like i believe you to be
stay upstairs
you’ve been lysed by her there
you’ve been taking my days
taking my home
taking my ways
like doubt could do
Track Name: Loser
trip’s almost over
did you get a good look
at the parts that fall open
in my favorite book
chapters on romance are falling apart
a comforting friend for my lonely heart
since i knew you would
i take extra long in the shower
when you say you know me
it’s a bittersweet conspire
sometimes i’m a loser
i will stump you and confuse you
about things you cannot fix
sometimes i’m amazing
i will blow your mind, baby,
and that’s why you’ll stick to me
oh the energy that’s spent
to keep a girl content
Track Name: Miss Miss
please don’t answer my call
cause i just couldn’t stand it at all
if you were any less
than you at your best
when you hear my song on the radio
will your teary eyes be covered
by the catchy parts that go
i miss you, i miss you
all over the refrain
it’s a different kind of love
by the same name
i see you, i see you
time and again in my dreams
i’m with you, i’m with you
frame by frame
it’s a different kind of love
by the same name
baby says he’s crying but stays
i can see it all over your face
so if you’re down, just find me around
i’m on the corner, i’m in your car
i’m waiting for you with open arms
you said i’d be growing up
instead i’ve taken so long
now i’ve found a different way to go
it’s never been so easy,
you never tried so hard
to please me
Track Name: Everything For Free
without bother i try harder
than running-around-on-you
maybe someday
games that you play
will get old to you, too
i count on my fingers
the things i thought i knew
and sabotage the mirage of our future
cause if i were a winner
like you wanted me to be
then wouldn’t i fix everything for free?
riddle-writing nights have explained
more about you to me
than any lines i’ve drawn from a to b
when i come down
from my seek-around
will you catch me then?
i’m hot as a potato
when i’m out of the oven
watch me, watch me
as i fall from grace
baby, baby will you cover your face?
Track Name: Romance and Stars
Official Video:

romance and stars
take me out, make me think about it
long and hard
if that’s all/everything/more
that i could be looking for
you need it so believe it
retreat into your mind
why are we tomorrow
when that’s all behind us?
you see what i see, it’s
romance and stars
take me out, make me think about it
it’s not so hard now
you’ve got it all
make me think i am bitter
to consider it this far
you need it, so believe it
retreat into your mind
why are we all tomorrow when all of that’s
behind us... i couldn’t believe it,,,
wouldn’t it be great...
romance and stars, where you are
see you almost would be gone if
you couldn’t wait for me
with all this we could lose it
and be free, free, free
wouldn’t that be great?
Track Name: Prismatism
in your eyes i’m lost again
let’s not pretend it’ll only last a little while,
we both feel it comin in
i’ll go a million miles an hour
and you’ll stay behind me
you say that now we go but then they find
a way back to guide me
in your mind we’re still best friends
like the day we met
back then we didn’t know anything
past times the wiser gets
all those times you’ve missed me now
with all the wines and the waves
by all designs you miss me now
can we start over,
make it like we never knew
you go a million miles an hour
and i’ll stay behind me
well done, few will find or ever know
that no waste can love me
all you had to say
was better than the war you wrote
where noone can replace you or decide
in your mind i’m lost again
the changin of my dress
when i stand, the blue lights on my skin,
you’ll fill in the rest
i’ll go a million miles an hour
and you’ll stay behind me
wait for the sour lookin smile
that will come with what you find
near we are to ties that bind
you already know