On The Orange Mountain

by GregoryAndTheHawk


1. Wild And True (August 1)
2. Pass The Bottle (August 26)
3. Pretty Somehow (September 12)
4. Stuck Like Glue (September 30)
5. On The Hillside (October 17)
6. Do Me In (November 7)
7. Get U (November 21)
8. Little Wings (December 31)
9. Much Too Much (February 28)
10. To Be Loved (May 31)

Bringing songs outside for the next album. Get the music as it's made & support new work by subscribing to live performances. Read more and sign up at patreon.com/gregoryandthehawk xo M/Gath


released May 31, 2017



GregoryAndTheHawk Portland, Oregon

Portland based guitarist performing a new album live in outdoor locations around the Pacific Northwest. 'On The Orange Mountain' was released song-by-song in 2016-2017 as a series of videos thanks solely to subscribers' support. Sign up to hear future issues of songs outside at Patreon.com/gregoryandthehawk ... more

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